Tile and Stone Floors

Tile and Stone

Our Process

- For many types of tile, such as ceramic and porcelain, we use high pressure hot water to rinse the tile.

- The floors are then gently scrubbed and the dirty water is extracted outside into a holding tank in our truck.

- This system removes all the dirt, grime, cooking oils, and soils that mopping can never fully remove.

What do we do with natural stone?

Don’t trust your natural stone floors to an inexperienced company. Often, janitors and other cleaners maintain stone floors by applying a floor finish or wax. NEVER let this be done on your stone. It covers up the true beauty of your floors.

Natural stone often requires a different process. Like with any precious stone, our natural stone system often involves polishing and honing your stone floors to bring out the natural beauty.

We are professionally trained and experienced in taking care of your natural stone floors; Call us for a FREE tile and stone floor cleaning estimate.

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