Water Damage Restoration

When water collects in your home where it doesn’t belong, you have water damage! Water Damage Restoration

What will QAC do for you?

The first step in water damage restoration is to stop the flooding. The sooner you call; the sooner your water damage restoration will begin.

In case the flooding is from an in-home source, the leak source must be isolated from your domestic water supply or septic system so the flooding stops.

Remember, the rule is “safety first!” Avoid a shock by turning off the electric power before heading to the affected area.

Once of the source of the flooding has been addressed, we will go to work using a combination of powerful de-watering pumps, fans, and drying agents to dispose of the free-surface water. We then segue into water damage restoration.

Damage Control

Once the flood waters are removed, the real work begins. Our cleaning expertise enables us to fully tackle mold removal, carpet cleaning, upholstery and drapes cleaning, and tile and stone cleaning to make sure that your home doesn’t have any lasting damage.

Our expertise and equipment attacks flood damage before it attacks you. When you have a flood, your QAC team of experts know what to do to minimize the water damage.

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