QAC at Work – Removing Your Air Duct Dirt

Where does that big yellow vacuum hose and all that air duct dirt go?

The answer is simple! All of the air duct dirt removed by the QAC team travels through that big yellow vacuum hose, right into our custom Peterbilt truck. As you watch the slide show, notice that QAC protects your home while it cleans your air ducts. Our crew of QAC expert technicians know how to get the job done right, and leave no trace of their visit. We take pride in how we deliver our service, and the excellent results that you will enjoy!

QAC air duct cleaning experts and equipment in… air duct out!

Yes, it takes a trained team of air duct cleaning experts and top-notch equipment to remove your air duct dirt. We thought you would like to see how our QAC team works, how we protect your home, what our equipment does, and how we remove your duct dirt. Get the story, in pictures, below.


Our custom Peterbilt arrives


Loads of vacuum hoses


We protect your home


The vacuum hose at work

See The Difference We Make